Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs

This is one of my favorite Japanese dragon tattoos. I like the way it wraps from his shoulder blade, up around the shoulder and down the front of the chest. This Japanese dragon tattoo also has a very sad look on it’s face like it had just been defeated in battle or something. And though I wasn’t sure about it when I first saw it, I eventually came to realize that I really liked the monotone color of this design. I believe this Japanese dragon tattoo to be a symbol of luck and wisdom. Of course all tattoos are about personal expression and therefore the meaning of any tattoo is really derived by the person wearing the tattoo. There are not any hard and fast rules that a tattoo must always represent just one thing. Instead each tattoo and tattoo design will mean something unique and different to the bearer of the tattoo. Therefore any discussion of the symbolism or meaning of a dragon tattoo must be taken in that light. As is the case with any tattoo, the bearer is the one who makes the design special and unique. It should be a personal representation of the person.
Japanese dragon tattoos can be beautiful additions to any collection of body art. But, if your looking for an authentic Japanese dragon tattoo then that can require a little bit of research. And that’s because there is very little known about the Japanese dragon and there are very few good examples available online. But, with a little patience and fore knowledge you can find a design that’s not only beautiful but one that is also to the Japanese dragon motif. The first thing to look for when finding the appropriate dragon is the number of claws on it’s feet. Chinese dragons have four claws, but Japanese dragons only have three. Another thing to consider is that in Japanese dragon tattoos, the dragons are much more slender and serpent like then in other cultures. Many of the famous Japanese dragons can be seen in the picture. From left to right they are Ka Riu, Han Riu and Kanji Ryu. That’s the perfect start from which you can find the design that your looking. And as you can plainly see, a Japanese dragon tattoo can not only be dazzling but also rich in symbolic meaning. So, why not start your quest for one today.