Lower Back Star Tattoos,

Lower Back Star Tattoos, Lower Back Tattoos, Star Tattoos, jeeeez I dunno but I am finding that seeing stars is what the females like when it comes to a tattoo and none is more popular than the lower back star tattoos. Being someone who writes about tattoos I find tis my duty to stare at those female lower back star tattoos on women bending over in shopping centres, ok some may think this is creepy but I call it moi research.
So after a lot of careful research into lower back star tattoos I am today bringing you 14 of the best lower back star tattoos and jeeez there are some real stunners, oh and the tattoos ain't that bad either. Here guess what, I am actually going out this weekend, I know for this weekend only I can actually claim that I have a life. " Just write about the lower back star tattoos ok, the readers are not interested in yer boring life" " I bet they are, I bet a few will ask me to let them know if I scored " "" OMG, are ya having a laugh, you couldn't score in a massage parlour with a million pounds in yer pocket"
Ok enough of that, enjoy the lower back star tattoos and also the lil star tattoos video at the end.

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Now this is what I see in the local shopping centre, makes shopping kinda fun but ya gotta love this lower back star tattoo, jeeez is that underwear or dental floss ?

Deff love this lower back star tatto, the pink just sets it of and I recall my Old Gran telling me of for wearing pink boots once, my Old Gran had tattoos but they were mostly of Popeye !
Jeeeez God may have messed up when he made the world we live in but when he made woman he deff created a work of art, oh I likes that tattoo as well, jeeez wat a stunner !
I read somewhere that I shud have Faith in my writing, well there she is right in the middle of this lower back star tattoo, I likes this one !
I like the variety of large and small stars blending in with this lower back star tattoos design, really stunning bit of body art, doncha think?
Didn't her Old Gran not tell her tis rude to pull at yer ass in public but nice lil butt, oooops I meant nice lower back star tattoo.
Wooowww deff my fav tattoo so far, isn't it just beautiful. I know there are butterflies in it but the 3 coloured stars to the side just set it off, man I love that tattoo !
Well my guess is this person is a fan of the star tattoo and tis a nice lil idea to have them running right down yer back, looks good doncha think?
Deff when I am out tomorrow night I am gonna pick up a chick with nice tats, oh and nice tattoos as well. Gotta love this star tattoo sweeping round her back along with cheerys and everything else, loves it !
Jeeez this gets my vote for the worst lower back star tattoo, jeez I cud do a better star tattoo myself with moi eyes closed and drunk !
Nice lil lower back star tattoos slipped nicely into this lil design, deff a lil star fits in anywhere.
Nice lil plain star tattoo here and hey sometimes the plain tattoos are the best, ya notice as well the classy jeans most of these chicks are wearing.
Really love the colour design in this lower back star tattoo and well ya all know I love light blue, yup this is a neat lil tattoo.
Yet another classy tattoo set off by 2 lil red stars, this is a really hot lower back star tattoo albeit having a skull in the middle.